January 30, 2016

2016 Hawaii - Oahu (Day 9)

It was Saturday and Jason had the day off. We went fishing with Jason and his friend Brandon on the leeward side of Oahu.

We made a guaranteed stop for some pancakes smoothered in macadamia nut ice cream. It was ridiculous...even when it was the umpteenth time I've had it!!! Where can you get it? I'm not telling...secret local spot :P

We went to Turtle Bay for the morning session. While Jason and Brandon hiked way, way far whipping in the surf, Michael and I spent most of our time fishing in a tidepool. Yeah, I should have tried for Moi in the rough surf (in all honesty I did try for an hour) but those little fish in the tidepool were calling to us.

Although the Blackspot Sergeant (Kupipi) was not a new species, I needed a better picture of for the list.

Blackspot Sergeant (Abudefduf sordidus)

The Hawaiian Flagtail (Aholehole) were split into two distinct species a few years ago. In the past, I had actually caught both species and had Dr. Jack E Randall confirmed them for me, but I really wanted to document them properly on this trip. Perhaps the more difficult one is Kuhlia sandwicensis. We found a number of them in the tidepool, so I finally got some documentation picture for the list.

Kuhlia sandwicensis

* Kuhlia sandwicensis is characterized by the thick black and white reticulated marking on the top of the head, which are especially define in the juveniles. It also has smaller eye diameter compared to the related Khulia xenura (endemic to Hawaii). The common names are still to be decided on FishBase.

Jason and Brandon returned and said they each caught a Manybar Goatfish but nothing else. Glad I didn't miss out on the absent Moi, haha!

We decided to make a lunch stop at HI-BBQ. They sell smoked meat lunch plate out of a truck from a working ranch. Their smoked Beef Brisket was out of this world...broke da mout!!! It was so well marbled and the brisket was so buttery and soft it simply melted in my mouth. Look them up...you will NOT regret it. I would suggest their mix plate, which sells for $20, but you get to sample everything and it is WAY worth the price.

I have to give a shout out to their service too. The guy taking order made a mistake and had my order delayed for only a few minutes, but decided that it was not acceptable and gave me a $5 refund. That's unreal service for a food truck!

After lunch, we went to Laie Point to target Sea Chub (Enenue) and Unicornfish (Kala).

I picked some Limu Kala (a species of seaweed) at Turtle Bay, but the ones growing in the shallows wasn't good enough. Brandon braved the surge and pick some darker Limu for me instead. Unfortunately, I only got one bite off the primo bait before the fish learned our tricks.

We went to fishing bread on floater rig. For most of the afternoon, we were merely feeding fish, especially the Keeled Needlefish (Aha), with our bread. After a few hours, the sun was dipping low and it was time for Jason and Brandon to leave. As a Hail Mary effort, I put on a big chunk of bait for a last cast when I finally got bit good and connected! At least one target was achieved!

Bluespine Unicornfish (Naso unicornis) - Species #512

Taking advantage of the weekend, we went fishing for the night bite after having dinner at my Grandma's. Michael shone his light into the shallows and saw two Yellowstriped Goatfish (Weke) immediately. Although the fish spooked off, they were in the area so I tried chunks of shrimp for them. Instead, I got hit but a red coloured fish which caught me by complete surprise.

Brick Soldierfish (Myripristis amaena) - Species #513

We saw lots of smaller red coloured fish in the rocks. Some would peck at the bait cautiously, but we couldn't hook any. Instead, we found some Bandfin Cardinalfish instead. Mine looked like it was attacked by a predatory as the lower lobe of the caudal fin was missing.

Bandfin Cardinalfish (Pristiapogon taeniopterus) - Species #514

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