January 24, 2016

2016 Hawaii - Oahu (Day 3)

I only had a couple hours free this afternoon. Instead of exploring a new spot, I fished Makai Pier. I had fished this location many times on previous trips, but I was more focused on catching predatory fish in the past. This time, I used #26 hook to try for the reef fish and caught many Saddled Wrasse, Green Damselfish and Reef Triggerfish. I tried for Moorish Idol, the various Butterflyfishes, Tangs and Parrotfishes but they would not bite. Just before the pier closed, I finally caught a lifer Fantail Filefish. A small Pufferfish bit off the hook my 2lb line and I decided to end the session on that note.

Fantail Filefish (Pervagor spilosoma) - Species #498

A couple of evening shots of Makapu'u point and the beach.

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