January 23, 2016

2016 Hawaii - Oahu (Day 2)

Jason had the morning off and we arranged to fish at China Walls and Makapu'u. As opposed to my previous summer visits, it was calm with only 1.5ft swell with 5kt wind. Jason was popping for papio for a while and then switched to whipping, with which he caught a Manybar Goatfish. I tried whipping squid strip and had one follow. Afterwards, I switched to 1/2oz micro fish finder rig with #20 hooks and ika (squid) for bait. I caught a few Hawaiian Gregory and Saddled Wrasse, but lost a potential lifer Fantail Filefish and a species of Sea Chub (Nenue).

Here's a picture of the Hawaiian Gregory.

Hawaiian Gregory (Stegastes marginatus)

With not much going on at China Walls, we went to fish the Makapu'u area. Fishing a tidepool, I found some gobies and blennies. I had to use #26 hook and 2lb fluoro since these fish had fairly small mouths. The Cocos Frill-goby was very eager, but it took me quite a bit of time before the cautious and spooked Rockskipper finally took the hook.

Cocos Frill-goby (Bathygobius cocosensis) - Species #495

* The Cocos Frill-goby is almost indistinguishable from the related Whitespotted Frillgoby. The Cocos Frill-goby has 10-12 predorsal scales nearly reaching upper edge of preopercle; while the Whitespotted Frillgoby has 15-20 predorsal scales nearly reaching the eye.

Rockskipper (Entomacrodus marmoratus) - Species #496

* The Rockskipper can be confused with the Zebra Blenny. The Rockskipper lacks the nuchal flap; while the Zebra Blenny has the nuchal flap.

Fishing the micro fish finder rig again, I caught more Hawaiian Gregory, Saddled Wrasse, Reef Triggerfish, Rainbow Wrasse, and finally a lifer Surge Wrasse!

Christmas Wrasse (Thalassoma trilobatum)

Surge Wrasse (Thalassoma purpureum) - Species #497

* The female Surge Wrasse is almost indistinguishable from the female Christmas Wrasse. Surge Wrasse has a longer head, shorter pectoral fins, and a "V" mark on the snout; while the Christmas Wrasse has a shorter head, longer pectoral fins and lacks the "V" mark.

As usual, Jason took me to Keneke's, our regular spot for plate lunch. I ordered the garlic fish (mahimahi) which was super affordable, absolutely delicious and completely filling even for my big appetite.

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