January 21, 2016

2016 Hawaii (foreword)

It has been over 6 years since I visited my Grandma and my uncles in Oahu, Hawaii. When an opportunity occurred that would take me there, it was difficult to refuse. I chose to kept the blog posts focused on fishing and scenery, so there is little mention of family and other events that also occurred.

Hawaii was the place where my species hunting began. When I was 16, I returned to Hong Kong to obtain my adult citizenship card. On the way back to Canada, I made a stopover in Hawaii. During the 1.5 weeks in Hawaii, I fished with my telescopic rod to catch a few reef fishes. That first experience opened my eyes to traveling and fishing. Since then, I had made two trips, in 2007 and 2009, back to Hawaii and caught 32 new species.

In the past, my fishing was limited by the lack of transportation. I was too young to rent a car. Fishing was dependent on the availability of my family and friends when and where they could take me. Today, I am afforded more freedom as long as I can afford a rental car. Luckily, I made all the bookings early enough before the rental price skyrocketed.

Based on the advice of Steve, Elijah and George, I decided to add a week on the Big Island just for fishing. However, Maui was an island that I had wanted to visit and hiking in Haleakala was a big bucket list item. A few day in Maui was added. Before I knew it, my 4 weeks long Hawaii itinerary took shape.

With so many days to report, the daily blog posts will be kept fairly short. I hope the pictures will do most of the talking and give you a flavour of the scenery, atmosphere, food and fishing that Hawaii has to offer.

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