January 28, 2016

2016 Hawaii - Oahu (Day 7)

Todd originally planned to take me out on the boat but there was a fuel leak, so instead he took me to North Shore to watch the winter surf. Many beaches were closed due to the very dangerous condition.

On the way around the northeast coast, we stopped at one of the famous shrimp trucks for brunch.

We went to check out Laie Point, a famous ulua fishing ground. Many will recognize the iconic hole in the island with a large boulder inside.

After the circle island tour, I was busy until later in the afternoon. Hoping to catch a Lagoon Triggerfish or Yellowstriped Goatfish, I returned to Makai Pier for a couple of hours.

I soaked a strip of squid on the surf rod while fishing bread on the light rod. The Lavender Tang and Goldring Tang did not want to bite, but caught a juvenile Common Parrotfish, aka Palenose Parrotfish, instead.

Common Parrotfish (Scarus psittacus) - Species #509

The Millet Butterflyfish and Green Damselfish became too overbearing after a while and I had to quit using bread. I tried with shrimp for Yellowstriped Goatfish but could not get a bite. A turtle fancied my squid instead and I had to break the line when it became hooked.

Finally, I had the leave the pier at 5pm but decided to fish the beach before going home. On the first cast, my shrimp was bit and the line was snapped promptly. There was something larger around. I tried again with 4lb fluoro and #20 hook and caught a Wedge-tail Triggerfish followed by this Bluefin Trevally.

Bluefin Trevally (Caranx melampygus)

As time was running out, I fired a last cast as far as possible and steadily retrieve the bait back when it was hit. When the fish finally came close to shore, I was shaking as there was a very real threat this White-banded Triggerfish, aka Lagoon Triggerfish, could cut through the 4lb line with its teeth. Luckily, fate decided that I would be adding this species on the list!

White-banded Triggerfish (Rhinecanthus aculeatus) - Species #510

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