January 31, 2016

2016 Hawaii - Oahu (Day 10)

Steve put me in touch with his friend Wade and Wade's daughter Jamie. Jamie is a fantastic angler who is building her own collection of IGFA records from Hawaiian species. From reading Steve's blog, I was completely ready to be outfished on the day.

Wade introduced us to He'eia Kai. Early in the morning we saw a couple of schools of Yellowfin Goatfish (Weke Ula) that were actively feeding. I hooked and lost two, but Jamie managed to land two fishing next to me. Yep...outfished.

People were chumming (palu) and fishing bread. We tried that for a while catching Yellowfin Surgeonfish and juvenile Palenose Parrotfish, but couldn't find anything else new.

Wade suggested that we move to his beach spot to try for Sharpjaw Bonefish (O'io). While Wade and Jamie cast out two heavy rod for dunking, Michael and I complete the spread with lighter surf rods.

Minutes after casting in, my surf rod tip quivered but then stopped immediately. I thought it was a small fish that had hit and run. A while later, my line was finally brought in by the waves and I reeled in the check bait. Unexpectedly, I felt a little weight on the other end and my jaw almost dropped when I saw the Sixfinger Threadfin (Moi) on the other end!

Sixfinger Threadfin (Polydactylus sexfilis) - Species #515

It's only 10 days into the trip and I'm already up to 30 new species...and the 30th was a Moi! This felt quite surreal.

We waited for the Bonefish bite for a few hours but none decided to bite that day. So we decided to fish Laie Point where we could try for Sea Chub Unicornfish again.

Jamie and Wade had to leave by 2pm so they only stayed with us for 30 minutes. Michael and I fished until sunset. I tried for a few hours fishing bread on floater rig but I was simply feeding the fish. Michael did catch his own Bluespine Unicornfish and even a Hawaiian Chub. I got tired of repeatedly putting bread on the hook so I fished a micro fish finder rig and found a couple of Redbarred Hawkfish. I have caught this species in the past, but only had a blurry picture. Finally I have a better picture for the list!

Redbarred Hawkfish (Cirrhitops fasciatus)

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