February 18, 2016

2016 Hawaii - Oahu (Day 28)

My 4 weeks in Hawaii has came and went. While Michael wanted a last shot for new species, I decided to spend the day with my Grandma. After packing up my luggage, there was a bit of tackle, most notably the 6oz bank sinkers, that I would not need at home.

I met with Jason one last time to drop off the extra gear. All these years, we have fished together but never taken a picture together. Michael suggested that we should remedy that.

Mahalo brah! A hui hou!

That was the conclusion of my Hawaiian trip.

I would like to thank my family for hosting me for so long, especially my Grandma. I would like to thank my friends Ji, Jason, Stan and Todd for making their best effort fish with me. I would like to thank my new friends Wade, Jamie, Jeffery and Peterson and hope we will have opportunities to meet again in the future.

On this trip, I was able to catch 64 new species, all of which are testament to the aloha of all my local friends, both old and new, and the help of my species hunting community especially Steve, Elijah and George who shared everything they know about locations, species and techniques.

Now that I've caught 96 total species from Hawaii (32 previously, 64 on this trip), future visits to Hawaii to add new species will be much more difficult. Even without the new species, a visit to Kauai and more time on Big Island would definitely do the trick!

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