February 10, 2016

2016 Hawaii - Hawaii (Day 20)

We fished at daybreak again for one last try for Flounder. Michael caught one fishing right next to me, but I would have to wait for another trip to check off that species :(

While Michael went to try for a Blacktail Snapper, I fished the jetty whipping a curly tail grub and caught a Bluespotted Cornetfish (Nunu).

Bluespotted Cornetfish (Fistularia commersonii)

Then I decided to look for Moray again. The smaller Moray was there and it came out to take the bait once, but the hook did not set and the eel became very cautious after. A couple of boys were watching me fish and one of them saw a Moray swimming around in the open. I tossed a chunk of Half-beak at the Moray and it took the bait in no time. It was a Turkey Moray, aka Whitemouth Moray. You can clearly see how it got its Whitemouth Moray name.

Turkey Moray (Gymnothorax meleagris) - Species #546

We had to wrap up fishing by noon. After packing up and getting lunch, we were in a hurry to the airport. Unfortunately, our flight to Maui was delayed and we were schedules to route from Kona to Honolulu to Kahului. Luckily, while were were waiting for our Honolulu flight, the airline made some arrangements and actually found seats on the next direct flight to Kahului for us.

The drama was not over yet. We had reserved a private room for 2 at our hostel but somehow they marked us down for only one single bunk. It made no sense at all. But they did their best to accommodate us and put us on priority list for any available bunk. We had to play musical chairs each morning, moving from room to room...but they did find us a bed each night. Kudos to them on that.

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