February 16, 2016

2016 Hawaii - Oahu (Day 26)

It was the last Tuesday on Oahu for me. Tuesday was the day off for both of my uncles. I had saved the morning for a potential brunch with both of them, but the decided on meeting for dinner instead.

Michael had already started the morning fishing solo along the Waikiki stretch. I joined him later for a quick afternoon session.

There was a man who caught two Moray. One was a very cool Snowflake Moray that had Michael and I drooling. The other was a small Undulated Moray. We soaked bait for the entire session but got nary a touch.

There were plenty of Wedge-tail Triggerfish in the area and they loved shrimp. On one retrieve, I saw something dashed up quickly for the shrimp but refused it at the last second. Switching to whip with a curly tail grub, I quickly caught the suspect.

Gracile Lizardfish (Saurida gracilis) - Species #548

* Lizardfish are very difficult to identify. The alternating black and white bands on the lower jaw narrowed this down to either the Gracile or Clouded Lizardfish. I had a quick look at the predorsal scales and it appeared to be a Gracile Lizardfish with only 2-3 scales between the tip of the pectoral fin to the dorsal origin. Unfortunately, the fish was not cooperative enough to take definitive pictures of the scales.

Among all the Wedge-tail Triggerfish, I found a single White-banded Triggerfish

That was all the excitement aside from the usual reef fish.

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