February 11, 2016

2016 Hawaii - Maui (Day 21)

Michael had an early dive at Molokini Crater, leaving me to fish solo for the morning. I poked around Makena a bit and caught another Bluespotted Cornetfish and another Saddle Wrasse but nothing else.

Taking it easy, I took a nap then head back to Kihei boat launch. Unfortunately, fishing was not allowed at the ramp, so I walked a bit further and found a little cove.

There were a lot of Flagtails in this cove. These were Kuhlia xenura. I gave a couple of the 12" specimens to a retired couple who were chatting with me.

* Kuhlia xenura has fine speckled on the top of the head and much larger eye diameter compared to K. sandvicensis.

When Michael got back on shore, we returned to the hostel to voice our displeasure and sort out the bed arrangements for the rest of the days. Due to the misunderstanding, the manager agreed to guarantee us a spot on the Haleakala hike on Saturday. Otherwise, we would have to wait for the sign up sheet to come out at 11:30am the next day and that hike filled up fast.

After getting to our new room, we had lunch and took a nap before heading out to fish again.

For the sunset session, we fished at Maalaea. The end of the jetty was closed due to construction, so we could only pick at species from the shallower side. Michael tossed a chunk of Rainbow Wrasse for Moray and hooked up minutes later to catch his lifer Undulated Moray. However that was all the new species we found off the jetty. When night came, it became very windy and cool. It was way too windy to whip for Menpachi or Aweoweo, so we were forced to leave.

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