February 9, 2016

2016 Hawaii - Hawaii (Day 19)

A bit fished out, we decided on a sightseeing day.

Mauna Kea on a clear day.

A piece of western charm in paradise.

Akaka Falls

Waipio Valley. Unfortunately, the valley was closed due to Dengue Fever epidemic.

On the way to our next spot, I happened to look over and saw this sign.

There was no argument...we stopped in to find out how researchers used the Keck telescopes to find black holes, exoplanets and dark matter...and perhaps even a potentially new planet in our own solar system! WAY COOL!

Stopped at KTA for some much needed poke lunch...shoyu marlin and limu ahi.

We hiked down Pololu Valley to appreciate it at different angles.

Toward dusk, we stopped at Mahukona to fish for a bit. We found some intriguing Yellow Tang that would swarm a piece of bread out of curiosity, but never taking a bite. We caught the usual reef critters but didn't catch anything new.

Upon returning to Kona, we fished the pier again for Aweoweo and Menpachi. Strangely, the Brick Soldierfish were everywhere on this night. They would bite a piece of bait close to the surface. I caught half a dozen of them but Michael took a long time before he finally caught his lifer. I caught another Blotcheye Soldierfish but nothing new.

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