February 17, 2016

2016 Hawaii - Oahu (Day 27)

Todd had been trying to get me out on his boat the entire trip. However, taking the boat and truck out of 16 months of dormancy had its fair share of issues. Todd did a lot of work on the boat before I arrived to get the boat into top shape, but an unexpected fuel leak and bad brakes on the truck prevented us from getting out.

With only a day left on Oahu, we made a last try to get out on the ocean.

The wind would increased to 19kts later in the day, so we decided to troll out from Waianae up the ono line in the morning, then tuck inside for some bottom fishing later.

We got to the FAD and drifted a couple of akule around but no one was home. Heading further out, I took the wheel while Todd showed Michael how to get the spread. With the lures trolling enticingly behind our wake, Todd and I had just switched hands when the battery alarm came on.

Todd suspected it was a bad alternator and we had to head back to port. Luckily, we made the 6 mile journey back on our own power. As Todd said, I simply had no luck this trip.

Still, I really appreciate all of Todd's effort to try to get us out on his boat. Hopefully, we'll have more luck next time.

With the morning and afternoon free, we checked out a potential spot at Nanakuli and Ko'olina. However, we didn't see any interesting new species to get the rods out.

Michael was complete exhausted and asked to return to his hostel for a much needed sleep. I took a quick power nap before heading to He'eia Kai. While we were in Maui, Elijah was on Oahu to attend a wedding. He fished for a bit and reported seeing juvenile Scalloped Hammerhead caught on live bait.

I had full intention to soak live baits for a few hours, but with strong trades blowing onshore the entire time, it was unexpectedly difficult even trying to catch bait. The last resort was to fish chunks of squid on the heavy rod hoping the reef fish wouldn't strip the bait too quickly.

At one point, I saw the rod tip jiggling as if smaller reef fish were pecking at the bait. I did not pay much attention to it. Almost an hour later when I checked bait, there was weight on the other line. I do not know how long this Spotfin Burrfish was on the line. It was deep hooked so I cut the line, took some quick pictures and released it promptly.

Spotfin Burrfish (Chilomycterus reticulatus) - Species #549

In the evening, Jason met up with us to help us catch a Glasseye (Aweoweo). We tried for a couple of hours during prime time but could not find any of them. It will be a target for me to go after on the next trip. We did catch a few Brick Soldierfish (Menpachi) and Michael caught a Flagtail so the technique was solid. The fish simply did not want to bite.

After fishing, we went to grab some plate lunch at Rainbow's Drive-In; $9 for the mix plate can't be beat!

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