September 13, 2014

Slammin' Salm'n

Richard and I had been fishing for some pier salmon since the beginning of September. For 4 straight sessions, we had absolutely zero to show for our efforts, including last night's attempt.

We decided to try it again tonight. We are not giving up just yet.

There were three of us fishing. Richard, his friend and myself. There were lots of fish surfacing and jumping from later afternoon to sunset. Around dusk, I had a hit but the hooks didn't hit home.

About 30 minutes later, Richard's friend hooked one! After a spirited fight, the hook unfortunately pulled out. Bummer!

Not too long later, Richard was on. It gave a good account of itself and a little male came to the net.

After releasing the fish, Richard returned to his corner. About 5 casts later...

Richard had been slowing down his retrieve a bit, but still keeping the lure just a few feet under the surface. So I slowed my retrieve a bit more...

I wasn't going to go home skunked! I was especially happy since I got to test out my Okuma Komodo 364 on a real fish. Paired with a 7' MH Shimano Clarus, it was a nice combo for these shore salmon.

We fished another 30 minutes more until it was 9:30pm and time to head home.

Hopefully this is just the first wave of fish. I would be nice if we can get 2-3 more weeks of this action!

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