September 6, 2014

First pike of the year

I've been casually throwing lures for Northern Pike since spring, but casual fishing general doesn't produce well.

Now that fall approaches, the fish at Richard's marina is getting a bit more hungry. Usually, we'll start fishing an hour before sunset to try a while for pike, and then switch over to Chinook Salmon once it gets a bit darker.

There is a particular lure that works well, and a stop-and-go retrieve proved deadly yet again.

Unfortunately, a line of thunderstorm chased us off the water before we can work on the salmon. Richard did get a good hit just before the lightning got too close.

We decided to hit the clubhouse for a while to wait out the storm...but a few beers later, the storm was still going strong. Instead, we decided to sleep on the boat and give it a try in the morning.

The 4am alarm came way too quickly, but we were enthusiastic and chucking glow-in-the-dark spoons in the early morning. It was still drizzling and nothing much was going on.

About 5:30am, I finally had a hit and it was another little pike. It got off just as we were netting it.

Once it got brighter, I switched back to ole trusty and had a missed hit and a follow from two pike. That was it for the morning though.

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