May 6, 2014

Fish just kept coming!

May 4, 2014

The wind forecast was a bit scary calling for 18 knots west, but Richard reassured that he would not put us in harms way. We took it slow and easy to the nuke plant. Fishing was much slower this time. The water was very murky and I suspected that fish simply couldn't see our baits well. However, I managed to pull in a few Freshwater Drum including these two beauties.

Strangely, Richard was doing the same thing next to me and couldn't tempt a Freshwater Drum. It was weird.

May 5, 2014

I really wanted to check out the Bowfin honey hole since we had two days of sun and I suspected the warming shallows would attract these pre-spawn fish. After getting work done with supreme efficiency and finishing in record time, I was able to start fishing at 5:30pm. As soon as I got there, I saw a Bowfin cruising!

I spent 1.5 hours fishing for Bowfin until it was too dark to spot them. In the end, I lost 2, landed 1 and spooked 3 while waiting for them ever so patiently to bite. As active as they were today, they maintained that ever present vigilance. There were a couple of fish that looked at the worm, then looked at me, back at the worm, back at me, and then determined that the worm was not safe to eat. They usually swim off uninterested. If I were to present the worm to the fish again, it would spook off.

I thought I saw a Bowfin hiding in the wood...but it ended up being a Common Carp.

I had trouble setting the hook on two Bowfin bites due to all the snags around. But finally managed to get one hooked, fought and landed. First 'fin of the year and she was a beaut!

After it was a bit too dark to fish for Bowfin, I cast various lure for Northern Pike for no luck. I did see 4 of them cruising around, but they were super spooky. This swan joined me for a while.

Beautiful evening outside and it sure beats sitting at home watching TV!

May 8, 2014

I've been a bit sick for the past few days. Instead of staying in the lab infecting everyone else, I got my work done quick and went home early. It was too beautiful of an afternoon to sit at home, so back to Bowfin headquarters I went.

It took an hour to finally find some cruising around. They were all bunched up in one corner today. I simply patrolled the area back and forth until I found one, then try to present the worm to the fish without spooking it. These fish are arrogant. I had two that stared me down then nonchalantly swim away, leaving me shaking with adrenalin and fear. Luckily, I did find one willing player. She was a fish that I had lost last time. She was easily recognizable since she had two sores on her side.

Carp were active today but I didn't bring any corn with me. They didn't want my worm...or maybe it was because they usually saw me already and then figured out that line coming out of the worm was connected to me. Darn smart carp! Next time I'll bring some corn and chum, chum and chum.

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