December 22, 2013

Florida Road Trip 2013 (Day 10)

Ryan and Meghan got up before Michael and I and they were already making breakfast. We took our time enjoying breakfast and company. Although we planned to fish today, we were not at all in a rush.

We finally decided to fish close to the outlet of Tampa Bay at Fort de Soto.

It was a really windy day and the wind blew directly onshore. The water was very rough and murky. Pinfish were plentiful and soon baits were sent out on shark rods. Not long into fishing, I noticed my line was a bit slack and it seems to be moving off to the side. I engaged the reel and tighten on the line to find something running really fast right at me. Unfortunately, the mystery creature ran under the pier and wrapped me around a piling.

Michael also had something picked up his Pinfish but later discovered it was a dolphin. Megan had a dolphin took her Pinfish while she was making bait on the sabiki. These dolphins were annoying!

There was not much going on with the rough water. We caught ample Pinfish and Spottail Pinfish but the species diversity ended there.

Luckily for Meghan, she found a Scrawled Cowfish and added a lifer on this otherwise species poor day. Congrats Megan!

It was still fun hanging out together and time flies when you have fun. By 1pm, we were getting hungry and Ryan suggested a little sandwich place to grab lunch. As a thanks to Ryan and Meghan for hosting us for the night, lunch was on Michael and I.

After lunch, we bidded Ryan and Meghan farewell. Michael and I wanted to check out another spot in Tampa for shark potential but it was getting late. Instead, we headed directly to Miciah's rental house in Punta Gorda. There was a starfruit tree on the property ripe with starfruit. Michael and I stuffed our faces with that goodness.

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