September 19, 2013

After work quickie

Too tired and hungry to write a full report.

Finished work later than hoped, but Richard and I still made it to the dock by 6pm. Casting for pike was once dusk approached, we switched to glow spoons.

At around 7:45, Richard hooked into the first of the night...a 20lb male salmon.

Then it was a bit quiet, so Richard prepared the dinghy for launch. While he was busy with the dinghy, I made a few cast and got hit but fish missed the hook.

Once launched, we fished on anchor in 15 feet of water and cast in 360 degrees.

I cast toward shore and was picked up at around 8:30. She was a big girl!

About 15 minutes later Richard got hit and he landed another male around 20lbs.

It was a bit quiet after. I got ripped hard around 9:30, but the hooks did not set. I got hit again around 10:15. This time the hook stuck and it was another male. This one broke through Richard's net yet again...and unfortunately, my rod tip was trapped in the mesh when the salmon fell through...and that horrible, horrible SNAP! Fish took a casualty...and it was my new favourite rod too! Even so, we landed it with my net. I should have filleted his arse!

We stayed until 11pm but nothing exciting we called it a night.

Not bad for 5 hours of after work I'm going to stuff my face with pizza LOL.

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