April 1, 2013

Grinding it out in Virginia (Day 5)

There wasn’t too much to report on my end. I decided to sleep in since we would be driving back to Toronto. Michael woke up early to fish the morning low tide hoping to find a Northern Snakehead. However, he found none again but there were more signs of life at the warm water discharge. He saw some koi and hooked a possible goldfish. But by 9am, we really had to leave.

Our 9 hour drive was largely smooth going until we were near Rochester where we ran into some nasty snow squalls. But God was watching over us and we arrived home at 9:30pm safe and sound.

Overall, this expedition was extremely successful given the subpar conditions. We later discovered that other shad anglers were either skunked or caught only a couple of fish on Sunday, so our collection of hits, lost fish and landed fish was actually pretty decent. We were happy that the Chain Pickerel were quite cooperative and the Flier Sunfish were not very difficult. I was happy to find a bonus Warmouth Sunfish and even happier that Michael was rewarded with his first Redbreast Sunfish, Banded Killifish and a couple of 10lb+ Blue Catfish.

I’m already thinking about a summer trip back to Virginia to try for Flathead Catfish, a couple of micro sunfish species, and perhaps some more saltwater surf species.

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